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District Registy Office (जिला निबंधन कार्यालय)

Registration department in day to day functions for preservation and realization of stamps and stamp duty, timely registration of document, preservation of records and solemnization of Intended Marriages and Registration of marriages under special Marriage Act and Hindu Marriage Act.

Basic Objective of Registration Department Gradual Increase in Revenue and to streamline administration is the main objective of Registration Department. As a result of minor changes in the 1st schedule of executive Regulations. Registration Department performs the following functions:

  1. Acts related with registration of documents
  2. Administration of societies Registration Act 1860 and Indian Partnership Act 1932
  3. Administration and performance of Births Death & marriage Registration Act 1886 (no. 6 of 1886) Bengal Mohammadan Marriage and Divorce Registration Act 1876 (Bengal Act 1, 1876) kajis Act 1880 (no of 1880), Paris Marriage and Divorce Act 1936 (no.3,1936) Indian Christian marriage Act 1872 (no.15, 1872) & Special marriage Act 1954
  4. Function related with Stamp & Stamp Duty
  5. Control & Supervision of personnel’s of Registration Department.
  6. Administrative control over Building under Registration Department
General Information for common man concerning Registration & Stamp duty:
  1. Document should be written on the front side of the stamp and not on the black side.
  2. Cuttings and blank spaces should be avoi0ded while writing/printing a document. Cuttings if unavoidable should be accompanied with initials.
  3. Document should contain full address of Parties and Citizenship of Buyers should be mentioned clearly.
  4. Clear and full details of Property being transferred should be given in the document.
  5. After writing printing of a document photograph and impressions of all five fingers shou8ld be taken on the documents.
  6. The photograph needs to be attested by anyone of the following Gazetted officer of government Advocate, Licensed Deed Writer
  7. The document should contain signature and full details of two witnesses
  8. If the stamp able document value is 5 lakh and above (i,e if the value on which stamp is given) PAN of both parties need to be mentioned in the document.
  9. Stamp should always be purchased from licensed stamp vendor and stamp should contain there full details including license number.
  10. The document if prepared by a deed writer it should always be kept in mind that nothing should be written on the topmost part of the certificate.
  11. If stamp duty is paid in the form of e certificates it should always be kept in mind that nothing should be written on the topmost part of the certificate.
  12. Stamps purchased in any district can be used in the jurisdiction of that particular district only. It cannot be used outside the jurisdiction of that particular district.
  13. Same rule is to be followed in case of E-stamp certificate. Certificate issued through SHCIL authorised banks are to be used in that very particular district. It does not carry importance else where.
  14. If the document involves transaction of 50 lakhs and above then it is necessary that seller deposits 1% tds paid by lawyer to Income Tax department. This is applicable to both land and buildings. It PAN is missing then this 1% tds increases to 20% of transaction value.

Basic Objective and Duty Timely registration and return of documents presented for registration and preservation of records. Transparency in day to day work, simpli0fication of Registration process are its basic objectives. Realisation of stamp duty though constitutional means and fast execution of registration related work are seen as its duties.

Set Standards for functioning of the Department

  1. Return of Registered documents on the day of presentation – To get rid of the complexities of Registration process by Common man state governments have developed transparent system of returning the documents on the very day of its presentation.
  2. The documents are returned as soon as the registration process is completed.
  3. Minimum Valuation guidelines register has been uploaded on most of the state’s official website, In Jharkhand these retes are available on and is also pasted on the notice Boards of Registry offices across the State.
  4. For case of understanding by common man the complex rules in Indian Stamp Act 1899 and Registration Rules, Department brings out circulars from time to time.
  5. Also functioning of the department, change in registering processes, simplification of system and application of latest technology are uploaded on official websites For Jharkhand one can visit


1.Dhanbad Anchal
2.Jharia Anchal
3.Baliapur Anchal
4.Baghmara Anchal
5.Topchanchi Anchal
6.Nirsa Anchal
7.Tundi & Purvi Tundi

Contact Details

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